Reflection 1

After looking at my site and evaluating it under the terms that we had been given for the class, I am proud of the site that I was able to make from scratch. In terms of responsiveness, I had attempted to code with CSS different styles for the different types of screen sizes, (desktop, tablet, phone) but the CSS would not seem to cooperate with me depsite my best attempts. I think that it had something to do with the fact that each tag in my CSS was not accounted for in each different screen size limit, which means that the cascasding aspect of CSS would look at directions for one screen size when displaying a different screen size- if that makes sense. But emotionally speaking, by website speaks volumes. I am a big fan of the index image. The warm, yellow and green tones of the plants do a great job at showinghte type of photography that I like to shoot. The warm colors are inviting, encouraging you to look deeper into the site. The emotional feel of the stie reamins consistent across the pages because of the same left/right layout this is present in the pages. Text on left, media on right. It remains the same in order to present a consistent theme and feeling for the page. My design changed a lot from the original sketches. I had planned for the text to be on top and the media to be below it, but I figured that that would be what the tablet and phone versions wouldl look like the most, so I decided to take up the horizontal real estate that the computer provides and go to a left/right page. I would like tok figure out what went wrong in my CSS for the future.

Reflection 2

I am much more comfortable than I was at the beginning of the semester. In the beginning, I had no knowledge of coding. Now, I feel much more comfortable with coding a website, looking at one in firefox and visualing the code before I design the site. I have set up a method of graphically representing what I want the site to look like before I code so I can go in with a plan of attack rather than trying to extract the site from my brain while coding- that proved to be fairly overwhelming. I would give people more assignments like the way I liked coding, come up with a design and display it to them on the screen, and then it is their task to design a page that resembles it to their closest ability. I thought that the beginning of this semester went a little slow for my liking so I wish that we had some more time to work on the full sites as well as go over the grid based layouts. That was particularly confusing to me, because of the widths and sizes being in either percentages, pixels, or a combination of both.